Dear Mr Key: No TPP!!!

Dear Mr Key.

I just read Bryan Gould’s article considering the TPP agreement.
I cannot believe that you of all people would consider this to be beneficial for our country in the long run, no matter how advantageous the immediate trade potential. Trade, has potential, giving away sovereignty does not. The odds are clearly stacked.
You are sailing on the back of a very short-sighted mindset dating back to the NZ Company. The greatest trade opportunity we will ever have is our indigenous uniqueness in partnership with the strengths of our western mindsets. Please stop viewing our land as an economic unit. It’s what makes the ethnicities that call her home, so unique, so different, so defining in a globalised market of self-centred beige.  Our environment cannot be under the slightest dictatorship of any foreign authority, outside the people of Aotearoa.
Please consider the attached essay and filter it through your grid.
In appreciation of your hard work; in bewilderment to your toying with the TPP,
Jay Lucas

Singing Is Necessary

Money-minders and weather-watches are suggesting that 2012 will be more unpredictable than 2011: oh dear Lord! If in 2011 life hurt, yet we may not have really believed it, wishing for immediate normalcy, then in 2012 we may just have to accept the paradigm of a new normal. We’re in tough times, and everything is changing. I think for many of us, our family and friends and colleagues, life is going to continue to unravel, because so much of what we’ve taken for granted, like stable land for instance, is just not complying to our idea of a rebuild.

For followers of Jesus, this is why singing is necessary. I do think, like never before, amalgamated voices need to rise with “Oh Jesus, would You walk with me in the garden.” In the garden of our isolated rationalistic heads, that can’t figure it all out, in the garden of our messy-weedy hearts that are bent for self-preservation instead of other-realisation. For some reason the power seeded in a song to God, whether it be a lofty praise number, or a soul-bluesy dirge, brings equilibrium to our inner world, amidst outer misty frequencies. Song centres us. It reminds us that “Here’s my home”, with our feet riding a discombobulating world with the Father who is present, and not absent as if He’s in some heavenly china cabinet.

A song in the soul is like an ozone layer for the heart: it generates atmospheric fellowship with the Divine. So with that, I’ll see ya with this sonic-gang at Parachute, singing up a storm.


The Shack Man in the Land

Hello peeps.

How’s those AB’s aye? So good!

Well, some friends over on Great Barrier Island have gone out on a limb and invited Paul Young, the author of The Shack to speak at their 2012 summer camp. Having heard the man speak, I can vouch for the fact that he’s quite the intelligent, vibrant and funny speaker. Well worth listening to!

So have a squiz at the guff and book in for a Barrier summer at Orama.


Final Shack Week Flyer II-1

Worship Festival


Get along to Edge Kingsland this week for the Signs of Life Worship & Prophetic Festival. Believe it or not, we’re actually going to have a pretty amazing time. Starts Thursday night, goes all day Friday, and finishes 5pm Saturday afternoon. Come for the lot, come for a session, you pick. Check out the guff at You can get your tickets online, or at the door.

If you’re hankering for songs, rhythms and melodies that sound and feel like our land, then I do believe you’ll be wonderfully encouraged – like entering spring after a long winter of imports (which funnily enough, spring starts the same day as the festival).

Choice as.

Signs of Life Festival

Hi Folks.

After 12 years of creative worship moments and listening to the voice of Jesus, the crew at Edge Kingsland are hosting their first festival: Signs of Life, a 3 day gathering on worship and the prophetic. It kicks of in a month, so go to and register now. Space is limited so you want to get in quick. It’s going to be creative and inspiring – after all, what Church event have you ever been to where the finale  was a farmers/craft market with epic live musicians, celebrating life and culture?

See ya there!